documentary about sex slaves in India

documentary on sex slavery and kidnapping in India

This documentary left me speechless. As I listened to the different girls stories about their kidnapping, rapes and abuse I got emotional. What I learned from this documentary is that you must centralize your emotions so that changes can be made. Jyoti, was trafficked into Mumbai/Bombay. In this film she goes on a rescue mission and rescues 6 girls. One of those six girls then rescues another six on a future mission. I can only applaud their courage.

Another problem discussed in this documentary is health care. According to this film, 90% of the girls in the brothels of Mumbai suffer from HIV. In this film they also discuss girls in brothels easily go through 12-14 abortions. In the brothels girls are not given sufficient health care, rather a person who may have no professional training performs the procedure. Despite their medical condition after the procedure, girls are immediately forced back into work….with no break.

The celebration of this film was the advocacy taken by the survivors. They now inform communities of human rights, and emphasize they apply to children as well. Survivors also inform parents on how important it is to closely watch their children.

This website is for the safe housing project the survivors were taken to in Nepal. There are several pages on what human trafficking is, ways to identify it and prevent it. You can also make a donation to their organization as well.


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