Poverty and Prostitution in the Philippines

Safehousing organization in the Phillipines

This article is about the courageous story of a group of nuns that travel through the streets in efforts to rescue victims of prostitution. The organization is called Immaculate Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries. Sister Irene Baquiran, founded this organization in 1996.  This organization not only work to rescue victims but are also trying to end the cycle of poverty. They feel the cycle of poverty is one of the main determining factors causing prostitution.

During their mission they found the age of the prostitutes usually ranged anywhere from 15-20. Although most ranged in their mid to late teens, some victims were sometimes as young as age 8.

These victims were forced into having sex encounters as many as 10 times per night. They pay for these sex acts was an estimated $2 per customer. Some pimps would also addict their victims to drugs as well as drug them while they were performing sex acts.

I’m pleased to see an organization digging to the root of what is actually causing the crime of prostitution. You can close down brothels and rescue many victims, but the issue of poverty still exists and will continue to influence prostitution.

Please check out  Immaculate Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries website if you wish to make a donation or want more information on their foundation.


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