2 women murdered in Guatemala everyday

2 women in Guatemala murdered everyday

This post was extremely insightful on the violence against women in Guatemala. According to the statistics of the United Nations in this article, Guatemala has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Drug Trafficking is HUGE problem which extends from Latin America all the way to U.S.. Trying to resolve to Guatemala’s crimes against women and establishing human rights is extremely difficult because they stem from different issues including the Civil War. Guatemala also has a male dominated society. Women are often treated as objects and not human beings. Since Guatemala has a patriarchal society, men often remain unpunished granting them the ability to freely abuse and murder women.  In 2008 an estimated 700 women were murdered. Along with abuse and femicide, trafficking is also an issue in Guatemala.

In April 2008, the “Femicide Law” was passed that outlawed violence against women. Hopefully, this will be the beautiful beginning to ending a horrible nightmare.


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