Mother forces 8 year old daughter into prostitution

Mother forcing child into prostitution

This article gives the personal account of a girl who was a victim of not only sex trafficking but also domestic trafficking

Sarah, the victim in this article, said she grew up being forced into prostitution by her mother. Her first account she remembers is at the age of 8. According to this article, her mother would close the doors and lock them while numerous men would rape her. Sarah stated she thinks one of those men did it twice in one night. After the men raped her, Sarah’s mom would collect cash from them. Sarah continued to endure this horrific lifestyle for four more years every Wednesday through Saturday.

Sarah did try to cry out for help. She snuck out of her house and told her friend’s parent who then called social services. Since Sarah’s mother posed a strong argument to the social worker’s accusations, the social worker didn’t believe Sarah’s story.

During Sarah’s high school career, she fell into heavy drug use and dropped out. She then started hanging out with the wrong crowd, and suffered more abuse.

She was saved during a hearing regarding her drug and prostitution charges. Instead of prison, the judge referred her to Cincinnati Union Bethel. Cincinnati Union Bethel is an institution that works to help former prostitutes and drug addicts start anew.

This article brings up an important point about trafficking.

Why are certain places (such as Ohio) more popular choices for trafficking victims?

Traffickers are extremely crafty in their crime. Ohio is an excellent choice for a trafficking hub because no matter where you are in the state you can exit within 2 hours time. That is an extremely valuable characteristic in a traffickers location. Their ability to re-locate quickly not only helps traffickers escape legal officials without leaving behind little evidence more easily but also helps them “do more business”.

Authorities in Ohio are now promoting the idea for communities to join together and become educated about human trafficking. Awareness will grant civilians the ability to identify and increase the number of victims rescued, as well as lower the amount of trafficking in Ohio.


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