Bride Trafficking in India

Article on Bride Trafficking

This article is about the tragic story of a Noor Jahan during her bride trafficking. Jahan was sold off to one husband who then sold her to another man. The first husband abused her sexually and physically. According to this article, Jahan called her second husband a “cruel man”. Jahan was so emotionally scared from the events during those marriages that she felt uncomfortable talking about her story.

Women who are victims of bride trafficking are not only exploited sexually, but may also become subject to labor or domestic slavery. According to this article, women are often sold on average between 4 to 10 times. The prices of  a bride may range from 7 thousand to 70 thousand . This price is dependent on the girl’s beauty and their sexual experience.

One of the highest affected religious groups is Muslim women. According to this article, 80% of the 100,00 victims of bride trafficking are Muslim. Muslim women also suffer from the Islamic belief you can only be married up to 4 times. This increases the difficulty to raise funds for Muslim women.

An activist group called Empower People works with disadvantaged women regardless of caste, class or religion who are victims or who fear being of violence including domestic violence and Trafficking or other type of slavery, and provide them shelter, proper counseling legal support and any other required.

“After rescuing the girl we provide post-trauma counseling if required and we see if her parents are ready to take her back. If not then we try to get her remarried or get employed some where depending upon her education level”, says Shafiqur Rahman Khan. Khan is the founder of Empower People.

Due to the fact I’m adopted from India, my heart really hurts for these women. I make a huge effort to remind myself what my life would have been like if I had grown up in India. I constantly thank God for my ability to choose who I marry, obtain an education and live in a “free” country.

At the bottom of this article, a few blogs were listed that were also about sex trafficking in India. Here are the one’s that I took great interest in:

Founder of Empower People, Shafiqur Rahman Khan\’s Blog

Campaign Against Bride Trafficking India


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