Baby Selling in Cambodia

Article in The Phnom Penh Post

2nd Article on Baby Selling

These TWO articles discuss the current issue occurring in Cambodia of baby selling. This ring of baby sellers would disguise victims as “surrogate mothers” who could help desperate wealthy couples in Cambodia to have children. According to one of these articles, they locked these women into two farmhouses. Here they were monitored by guards 24-7 and isolated from the outside world. Baby 101 (their company name), was charging an estimated $32,000 ( in U.S. dollars) for these pregnancies. Some people were so desperate to have biological children, they would actually pay this.

According to one of these articles, the majority of women who were attracted to working for Baby 101 were Vietnamese. They were told they would be paid $5,000 per pregnancy. For a woman who was in desperate need for money this sounded like a dream job.

Fortunately, authorities were recently able to rescue 14 women from this business. It was stated that 7 of these victims were pregnant. Some of these women showed signs of abusive treatment such as rape.

According to one of these articles, Cambodia was surprised by the existence of this crime. Cambodian legal authorities are now working to solve this problem and arrest the remaining traffickers involved in this ring.


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