11 Year Old Teen Girl Trafficked into Restaurants in Nepal

Article on teen girls in Nepal

I found this article interesting because it had a little twist to it. The girls who were tricked into working in the prostitution industry were actually running away because their father was abusing them at home. They thought this “waitressing job” was the perfect way to escape the abuse they endured at home. When Samjhana ran away

from her home she was only 11 years old. According to interview, she had been working in the sex slavery industry for over a year.

Along with the other girls, Samjhana endured horrific living conditions. According to this article, exploitation of these girls is high. It is stated in this article, “Gang rape and forced exposure to alcohol is not uncommon”. Some victims were also subjected to pornography. Traffickers use locations such as bars and restaurants in Katmandu as tools to disguise their “business”.

According to the  Nepal Restaurant Entrepreneurs Association you are not allowed to hire anyone under the age of 18. According to research done by human trafficking activists, some of these sex workers were as young as age 10.

Something else that caught my eye about this article was the last sentence.

“The government needs to seek a long-term solution to remove the root causes like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and the lack of skills which trap the girls in this trade.”

As I said before in past entries, it is SO import to work on fixing what causes the problem, and not just try to rescue victims. Although rescuing victims is important, if we don’t develop methods or programs to resolve contributing factors, sex slavery will continue.

Something to think about:

  • Lack in education prevents a chance for any type of social mobility.
  • Women lacking the skills to get a lower class job does not help them cover their basic needs or increase their ability pay for their education.
  • Gender roles also contribute to why women cannot gain adequate jobs in some countries. If women have the opportunity to obtain a primary education, they will have enough skills to gain some type of employment. Even if that job barely covers their basic needs, it’s better than the abuse they face in the sex industry.
  • Poverty causes desperation for survival. Women then have fewer choices to obtain their basic needs. Sex slavery is an easy outlet to obtain money.
  • Educating women also increases their awareness about their human rights. Women will become more aware of their capabilities and potential. Women may also see this abuse is wrong, and they do not deserve this torture.

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