North Korean Women Tricked into Trafficking in China

Trafficking in China

This article discusses how traffickers trick women in North Korea into sex/bridal trafficking in China. Traffickers trick them by offering women an opportunity for a “better life” in China.

**This in my opinion, is why AWARENESS is SO important**

If these women were aware of the tactics traffickers use, they probably would have not fallen for their lies. 

These women are “appraised” based on their looks, marital status and age. Like the bridal industry I wrote about in an older post about India, women endure extreme exploitation and the possibility of bridal trafficking.

According to this article:

North Korean women in their 40s are sold for 3,000 yuan  [U.S.$ 457], those in their 30s for 5,000 yuan  [U.S.$ 761], and those in their 20s for about 7,000 yuan [U.S.$1,066].

It can be difficult to rescue these women because they are often kept in rural areas throughout China. One of the women in this articles also talks about how she was drugged by a woman on a train. As I have said before:



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