Hookers for Jesus

Article about a former prostitute who is now a Christian activist

Former prostitute Annie Lobert, is now an activist working to help girls trapped in the sex slave industry. She discusses in this article why it is so difficult for girls to escape from this industry, as well as why they choose to stay.

A reason girls choose to stay is because their pimps control them. They make them feel like if they leave they will have no identity. Obviously, you can’t go to job and put in your resume you were a prostitute. Thus, these girls feel they might as well stay because they see this as their human potential.Their pimps also gain control over their workers because they are their sole provider of basic needs. The fear of having no way to provide themselves with basic needs, income, with few skills is a main factor as to why girls stay in the sex slave industry.

Some of these girls are also scared of having to tell their families. Girls also face the frightening reality that if they do escape and tell authorities about their traffickers, they face the high possibility of being murdered or harmed.

Again I reiterate, traffickers are highly intelligent in their craft. Do not underestimate their ability.

In efforts to help victims restore and heal from their tragic experiences Lobert founded Hookers for Jesus in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The primary services and programs of Hookers for Jesus are mission driven and are designed to minister healing and restoration of individuals and families affected by sexual exploitation.

Lobert has also helped start a church geared towards restoring the lives of former sex victims called Destiny House.




The Destiny Center is a designated safe house. The home is professionally protected with established state-of-the-art security and surveillance measures. In addition to offering short-term residential services, we assist women in emergency situations needing rescue and safe house accommodations. This assistance is offered on a short-term basis, only in life-threatening situations. Our programs and continuum of services are designed as a bridge to healing, self-sufficiency, and permanent housing.

I stated in the “about me” section of my blog, I am a Christian. I am certain the Lord has called me to take the same actions as Lobert and develop safe-housing to help restore the lives of former sex workers. I was encouraged as I read success stories of some of their victims and how they became survivors. This is proof WE CAN conquer this crime. Where there is God, there is hope.


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