Teen Girls Trafficked By Gangs in India

Article on Indian Girls being Trafficked By Gangs

This article tells the story of a girl named Priya. She desired independence since her father was abusive. Priya called a number listed on a flyer for a job thinking she had found a way to become financially independent. The job listing promised 8,000 rupees (monetary currency in India) for 8 hours of work. Little did Priya know this was gang’s technique for tricking girls into the sex slave/sex tourism industry. After she was trafficked, she was moved from city to another all throughout India.

Another girl, Rekha experience the same thing. She was 14 when she ran away with her boyfriend. According to this article she lived with him for 5 months, and then he vanished after selling her to a pimp for 50,000 rupees. Rekha, along with other survivors are now working together in awareness and prevention against trafficking.

This becomes a global problem because this type of trafficking is happening everywhere. Traffickers are taking advantage of vulnerable teenage girls internationally, not just in India. Madras Christian School of Social Service was discussed in this article. According to this article, they work to rehabilitate victims with their families. We need to develop more programs such as this to work to spread awareness to society so people can identify it and prevent it. Vidya Reddy, who works with an organization working on the prevention and healing of child sexual abuse uses a unique technique. She feels it is important to not only educate society but users, or men as well. I feel this technique is brilliant and should be used more often internationally.


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