Sex Industry: Sweden vs Denmark (video included)

CNN article on Sweden vs Denmark

This article discusses the differences in industries regarding sex trafficking in Sweden versus Denmark. According to this article, Denmark is known as “the brothel of Scandinavia” while Sweden is known as the place of combat against sex trafficking. In Sweden, it is evidently legal to sell sex but illegal to buy sex. This law was passed in 1995 in efforts to crack down on prostitution. Although this law seems common, what made it different since it showed who was actually responsible for the crime of prostitution. Sweden created this law due to their belief in promoting gender inequality. This tactic has worked since traffickers are now realizing its not worth it to bring victims into Sweden. Although sex trafficking numbers have dropped it still exists. A statistic listed in this article was that there are only an estimated 200 sex workers that work in Stockholm, which has about 2 million people.
According to this article, Denmark decriminalized this crime in 1999.Denmark created a slightly different law; pimping is illegal and you can only be a prostitute legally if you are a legal resident. The sex industry there has grown but now the sex worker population is mostly African andEastern Europe.

I am definitely in favor of Sweden’s mission but not in agreement of Denmark’s decisions. I think they should work to abolish trafficking completely, rather than give traffickers the opportunity to maneuver around the law. This becomes a global problem because they have victims being trafficked from other countries into their own. They need to not only work to protect their borders, but coordinate with the countries these victims are coming from, i.e. Africa. Although Denmark is now considering using Swedish-style techniques, I feel they should have done that in the first place. I feel global problems such as trafficking can be resolved more quickly if we observe other countries whose techniques prove more successful.


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