A Jar of Your Blood and Organs Determines You’re Owned

CNN Article on the Trafficking of Nigerian Women

This article was about the research done by Siddarth Kara on modern-day slavery. This article mostly focused on Nigerian women. Kara said he interviewed 27 women in Europe. 26 of those women were from Edo State which is east of the city of Lagos.

During his interview, some of these women gave their account of the torture and sexual abuse they endured. Many told him they were raped and tortured. Some had to travel on foot through the desert to the North African coast, where they traveled to Europe in rafts. Some were even flown on planes directly to Milan.

I still think its crazy that traffickers are intelligent enough to get their victims past airplane security. Although, it doesn’t really surprise me after I have read the other articles in my blog.

Something that caught Kara’s attention was many victims were working in efforts to pay their Madam their debt of 50,000 euros. Once rescued they often refused assistance and wouldn’t testify in court. This caused their deportation back to Nigeria where they would then venture back to their Madam, so they could work more to pay off their debt.

Why are these women going back?

These women are going back because of JuJu Oaths. This was one of the most outrageous methods of control I have ever heard of. According to this article, the priest perform a ritual where they take pubic hairs, nail clippings and menstrual blood. They then put this in a jar and it is sold to a Madam. After being transported to Europe, the Madam now has control over the girl because she has purchased this jar. This purchase represents the transfer of spiritual control on her.

This industry has thousands of victims who are generating millions of dollars in this industry. These JuJu oaths contribute to this industry because the girls are now controlled completely….body mind and soul.


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