Trafficking from Central America to U.S.

Article on Latino Brothels In the U.S.

This article discusses women who been trafficked into the U.S. This article focuses specifically on the Latino population and techniques they use here in the U.S. to traffic others into their “business”. This article begins by talking about a girl’s story that is very common in the trafficking industry. A girl named Cristina, was told by a man that he loved her and had a great life set up for her. She of course, fell for it and went with him into the U.S. Once she arrived, she realized this was not all the life she had hoped for. She was then abused and controlled to where she felt she had no choice but to stay and endure this.

According to this article, Latino brothels operate basically like slavery. Girls in Latin America as young as 13 are approached by men and even women who promise them jobs in America as a waitress, cleaner, cook etc. These girls are then sent of with “coyotes” and smuggled across U.S. borders. When they arrive they are told they have a debt of $2000-$3000 to pay off. They are then forced into prostitution to work of their debt. This is main way traffickers in these brothels (housing where victims are kept) maintain and obtain control over their victims since they control their shelter and food.

This article also gave some insightful information on how brothels work:

  • Victims are often moved around very quickly. They usually never remain in the brothel for more than two weeks. This keeps the selection fresh for the customers. This also keeps the girls from escaping. If they are at places for short periods of time, they will never have long enough to figureout how to escape.
  • They often advertise in Spanish dialect in a code that only the people within the business would know. One mentioned in the article was the ad for the 24 hour taco delivery. Customers are screened on the phone and at the door to make sure they are a part of the targeted ethnic group.

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