Sex Trafficking in Pittsburgh

Article On Sex Trafficking in Pittsburgh

This article is about the legislation targeting sex trafficking in Pittsburgh, PA. I’m not trying to insult their intelligence, but EVIDENTLY they are just now taking note that massage parlors are commonly used to disguise brothels and prostitution.

Currently City Councilman Doug Shields, is trying to pass a bill that requires massage parlors and their employees to have annual licensing. I think this is a brilliant idea! I wish more states would do this! If they did, the amount of trafficking would probably not decrease but it will help us end this crime a lot easie

r. I’m sure that if we did install a law like this nationwide I’m sure traffickers would think up another way to operate their “business”. However, we would have a higher chance to catch the trafficking that is already going on.

According to the article; coalition members identified 15 massage parlors in Pittsburgh and seven in the suburbs that they believe are fronts for prostitution and, possibly, trafficking. 

Shields talks about how women are often kidnapped, then brought to America against their will, and then forced into prostitution. A statistic from The Polaris Project says that Asian women are often targeted. Some traffickers use internet sites, posting ads for jobs that are really

Once they are trafficked, they are forced to sleep with as many as 10 men a day. I have read other articles that have said women were forced to sleep with as many as 35 to 40 men a day. This statistic makes me sick!

This article also brought up a great point:

If you find evidence of trafficking, report it! Tell someone! Here are some appropriate people to contact:

  • Police or Law Enforcement
  • Church Leader or Clergy
  • If you are wanting to remain anonymous, call the Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-3737-888.

Several people who have approached me about observations that they think

may be human trafficking go only as far as speaking to me about it. People are often nervous about taking a stand or getting involved. I totally understand someone worrying about their safety, it takes a lot of courage to work in prevention in this field…but someone has to do it.

Please do not contact your friends, because you never know who is involved in this crime! If you want to learn more about identi

fying and how to help and get involved, please

see the tabs at the top of my blog for more detailed explanation.

Honestly, lately I have become a bit more nervous about my safety. As an activist, I am risking my safety to help others. I choose to not let that prevent me from helping those who need it. God is my courage, I’m in good hands!


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