Documentary Clips: “Very Young Girls”

This documentary is the story of a teenage girls who were trafficked into the sex trafficking industry. They were tricked by pimps in their early teens. According to this documentary:

The average age of a girl entering the prostitution industry in the United States is 13!

In this clip, a girl tells how she was brainwashed by her pimp. He made her feel like he was in love with her and her body was his. She felt that she had no control over her body. What ever he wanted to do with it, she let him. I know a girl who was trafficked into the pornography industry at the age of 17. Her story is very similar to hers. I let her watch it and she cried because this was the emotions she feels and is trying to heal from. If you know a survivor you can’t even imagine what is going through their heads. They are wounded and scared emotionally forever. The victim eventually becomes a survivor, but as you can tell from these clips… is a very difficult process. I know she still has trouble truly comprehending it happened. I think this documentary did a good job expressing what victims feel, as they become a survivor.

Many of these girls just want to be loved. They want to feel like they have someone when they feel they have no one. Its really easy for young vulnerable girls to fall for a pimps tricks.

I put up two sections of the film. If you would like to see the rest, search “Very Young Girls” on youtube.



One response to “Documentary Clips: “Very Young Girls”

  • humди™

    great post. i stumbled onto this & your testimony of the young lady you let watch this was compelling. i had never seen/heard of this prior to your post. thank you. check out ‘inside the sex trade’ & ‘the greatest silence: rape in the congo’ if it interests you. blessings for spreading wisdom. 7ven -humди™ [twitter @hcp520]

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