Remember Nhu and Survivor Story

Article on Remember Nhu

This article talks about the efforts of a few individuals who are working with the Lord to assist victims of human trafficking. Their organization is called Remember Nhu

According to their website; Remember Nhu is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the United States. Remember Nhu exists to eliminate the exploitation of children in the sex trade industry all around the world. Remember Nhu was founded in 2003 by President and Founder Carl Ralston, along with his wife, Cofounder Laura Ralston.

When Nhu was 12 years old, her family was having financial issues. To provide finances, Nhu’s grandmother sold her for $300. After she was sold, Nhu was repeatedly raped and abused for three days, then returned to her family.

After this tragic event, she began to question the Lord and why she went through this and why would He would let her go through something so awful? The girl who I know was trafficked, suffers the same questions. Its hard to believe there is a reason you go through something like that. I often tell her to think of the story of Lazarus. You are put through awful things sometimes so you can be a living testimony of what God is.

Nhu’s story inspired an ohio couple to begin an international Christian non-profit. According to the article, Carl and Laura Ralston of Akron, sold their insurance business in 2004 to start Remember Nhu, a ministry that now operates six homes in five Asian nations that provide housing, food, education, and vocational training to more than 250 orphans and other children at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

“For every girl that is rescued, we can help 10 to 15 from becoming victims,” she said. “The girls that are rescued have been so damaged that there is a 70 percent chance they will end up back in trafficking.” 


They take in children who have have no education, are orphaned, whose parents have AIDS, or single parents with financial issues.

According this article, there is a 95% rate they will be sold into trafficking!

For more information, visit their website  or  contact David Yonke at: or 419-724-6154.


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