The Journey: A Short Film on Sex Trafficking

Article about \”The Journey: A Short Film on Sex Trafficking\”

This film is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! If you are going to watch it, proceed with caution. If you have been abused or still have episodes of post traumatic do NOT watch it! It includes scenes with sexual abuse and violence.

This film was an excellent demonstration of the hurt and pain one suffers from being abused during sex trafficking. I know there have been nights where I cry myself to sleep asking why God would let someone do this to me. If you’ve never experienced sexual abuse, you can never fully fathom what it is like to feel empty, angry, confused and numb. There are days where I become angry out of nowhere. You have trouble enjoying life because someone took your happiness. Each day is different, some easier than others. I am blessed to have the Lord as my fortress. It helps me have more good days than bad ones.


In this film, there is a scene where it shows a girl being gang raped. This scene left me emotionally drained and numb. Not only did it bring back a lot of memories, but the reality of this crime was portrayed brilliantly! In this article Emma Thompson (stars as lead “Nancy McPhee) says about the main audience she hopes to reach is the one most resistant to her message: men who pay prostitutes for sex.

            “We have to start a dialogue with the customer. The customer is not someone who knows whether that person they’re paying is going to keep the money, or going to have it taken away from them, or wasn’t there willingly, in which case they’re committing rape. Most men who pay don’t necessarily want that, although some men do; some men get off on it.” 

I do agree with the statement in the article,“But the awful thing is, it’s not as bad as what really happens. We need to give people a fright.” I hope people get a glimpse of what survivors have gone through. Reading about stories can be hard but actually seeing it is completely different. Imagine this happening to your daughter, your sister, your mother…….it happens…ALL THE TIME!





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