Monthly Archives: March 2012

Ohio Articles

I had a speaking engagement in Cleveland, Ohio this month. I decided to post articles to help inform people in Ohio about the Human Trafficking going on in their state:

Ohio Man Accused of Prostituting 10-Year-Old Adopted Son

16 Year Old Girl Sold inside a Starbucks in Cleveland, Ohio

News Video Clip on Efforts of Ohio

Child Trafficking in Ohio

1000 Children are Sex Slaves

Ohio: A place for recruitment of trafficking

Toledo, Ohio is the 3rd Largest City for Sex Tourism

Organizations in Ohio via Polaris Project

Ohio is Ranked 5th in the Nation for Strip Clubs

Youtube Video on Sex Trafficking in Central Ohio

If you are wanting to report any information about Human Trafficking, please call the Human Trafficking Hotline:


This line is confidential and they actually do investigate any information provided. I’ve called multiple times to report things I’ve seen. Ohio’s government is fighting harder for Human Trafficking. Its time we stepped in and helped. DO SOMETHING!

**Do NOT investigate yourself! Traffickers will stop at nothing to protect their “investment”. Leave the investigating to the professionals. You may put yourself in danger(as well as those around you) if you investigate the case yourself.