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Documentary: “Honey Child”

Randomly I met a lady named Erin Brown. She is a phenomenal woman of God! It turns out that she is the producer of a documentary titled,”Honeychild“. This film is the journey of a former prostitute and her daughter as they travel through America as she gives her recount of her life as a sex slave. Her daughter was unaware of her mother’s past lifestyle. This film not only brings awareness to the public about human trafficking, but also touches on a subject that is close to my heart:


This is so important because if we don’t take care of our issues now future generations will suffer from our hurts and emotional wounds.


Working to turn generational patterns into generational blessings will cause the cycle of abuse to end. People who look to buy sex or watch porn to fill a void won’t need to because they have the love of Jesus Christ filling that void. I know if I had known the love of Jesus I wouldn’t have fallen for the tricks and manipulation of a 40-year old man when I was 17. I also wouldn’t have depended on him for my source of worth. My worth comes from Jesus alone! No earthly source can fill what only God can!

Please check out the trailer for “Honey Child” or check out their website by clicking this link. They are based out of the L.A. area and looking for places to show their trailer to raise funds for the production costs. You can also contact Erin at