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Documentary: “Honey Child”

Randomly I met a lady named Erin Brown. She is a phenomenal woman of God! It turns out that she is the producer of a documentary titled,”Honeychild“. This film is the journey of a former prostitute and her daughter as they travel through America as she gives her recount of her life as a sex slave. Her daughter was unaware of her mother’s past lifestyle. This film not only brings awareness to the public about human trafficking, but also touches on a subject that is close to my heart:


This is so important because if we don’t take care of our issues now future generations will suffer from our hurts and emotional wounds.


Working to turn generational patterns into generational blessings will cause the cycle of abuse to end. People who look to buy sex or watch porn to fill a void won’t need to because they have the love of Jesus Christ filling that void. I know if I had known the love of Jesus I wouldn’t have fallen for the tricks and manipulation of a 40-year old man when I was 17. I also wouldn’t have depended on him for my source of worth. My worth comes from Jesus alone! No earthly source can fill what only God can!

Please check out the trailer for “Honey Child” or check out their website by clicking this link. They are based out of the L.A. area and looking for places to show their trailer to raise funds for the production costs. You can also contact Erin at  


Ohio Articles

I had a speaking engagement in Cleveland, Ohio this month. I decided to post articles to help inform people in Ohio about the Human Trafficking going on in their state:

Ohio Man Accused of Prostituting 10-Year-Old Adopted Son

16 Year Old Girl Sold inside a Starbucks in Cleveland, Ohio

News Video Clip on Efforts of Ohio

Child Trafficking in Ohio

1000 Children are Sex Slaves

Ohio: A place for recruitment of trafficking

Toledo, Ohio is the 3rd Largest City for Sex Tourism

Organizations in Ohio via Polaris Project

Ohio is Ranked 5th in the Nation for Strip Clubs

Youtube Video on Sex Trafficking in Central Ohio

If you are wanting to report any information about Human Trafficking, please call the Human Trafficking Hotline:


This line is confidential and they actually do investigate any information provided. I’ve called multiple times to report things I’ve seen. Ohio’s government is fighting harder for Human Trafficking. Its time we stepped in and helped. DO SOMETHING!

**Do NOT investigate yourself! Traffickers will stop at nothing to protect their “investment”. Leave the investigating to the professionals. You may put yourself in danger(as well as those around you) if you investigate the case yourself.

By the Grace of God…

As of February 9, 2012 I am officially a graduate of a program called Mercy Ministries! This program changed my life! God has worked in my heart and restored my soul! Their counseling model teaches you how to make choices and rely on God for strength. They taught me about the power of prayer and my authority over the enemy.

I can now receive love and give love because God first loved me! I can trust people because I trust God to never leave me and that His love NEVER fails! This is the first time in my life I can feel emotion. Its crazy to know I was missing this my whole life! The knowledge of God is now heart knowledge, its not just head knowledge. I have also renewed my mind and witnessed the power of God’s word. I speak it over myself daily because His word has the ability to do wonders if you let it. 

When it comes down to it, God is the one and only who can provide restoration. He will heal you if you let Him. If you are broken He will take all the time in the world to put the pieces back together. You are royalty! A child of the Almighty King!

A friend of mine shared a wonderful scripture with me:

You were sold for nothing and you shall be redeemed without money.

-Isaiah 52:3

God’s love will pull you out of the deepest pit and the worst circumstance! Lean on Him! Trust Him and abide in Him!

In His Love,


Leaving on a jet plane my friends………

I regret to inform my readers I will not be blogging for about 6 months. I am enrolling in a program to get help and healing with programs to help me deal with the trauma from when I was trafficked. During this program I will have no access to the internet. I may be able to access when I visit home for Christmas, but that is not a definite. When I return I will be back in full force and Lord willing, travel and share my story for whoever I feel called to share with.

Please contact me at:

Also, I recently created a twitter account specifically for my blog. Please FOLLOW me:


When I return I will follow you back and return your emails. I have a person assisting me tweeting while I’m gone.

If you pray, please pray for me. This is the start of a beautiful journey of Christ working in my life. I could not be more excited and blessed! Again, thank you all for your support!



The Journey: A Short Film on Sex Trafficking

Article about \”The Journey: A Short Film on Sex Trafficking\”

This film is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! If you are going to watch it, proceed with caution. If you have been abused or still have episodes of post traumatic do NOT watch it! It includes scenes with sexual abuse and violence.

This film was an excellent demonstration of the hurt and pain one suffers from being abused during sex trafficking. I know there have been nights where I cry myself to sleep asking why God would let someone do this to me. If you’ve never experienced sexual abuse, you can never fully fathom what it is like to feel empty, angry, confused and numb. There are days where I become angry out of nowhere. You have trouble enjoying life because someone took your happiness. Each day is different, some easier than others. I am blessed to have the Lord as my fortress. It helps me have more good days than bad ones.


In this film, there is a scene where it shows a girl being gang raped. This scene left me emotionally drained and numb. Not only did it bring back a lot of memories, but the reality of this crime was portrayed brilliantly! In this article Emma Thompson (stars as lead “Nancy McPhee) says about the main audience she hopes to reach is the one most resistant to her message: men who pay prostitutes for sex.

            “We have to start a dialogue with the customer. The customer is not someone who knows whether that person they’re paying is going to keep the money, or going to have it taken away from them, or wasn’t there willingly, in which case they’re committing rape. Most men who pay don’t necessarily want that, although some men do; some men get off on it.” 

I do agree with the statement in the article,“But the awful thing is, it’s not as bad as what really happens. We need to give people a fright.” I hope people get a glimpse of what survivors have gone through. Reading about stories can be hard but actually seeing it is completely different. Imagine this happening to your daughter, your sister, your mother…….it happens…ALL THE TIME!




Thank You!

I just want to say THANK YOU for all of my readers for their support! It has been a great blessing! I am sorry there aren’t as many posts as usual. I don’t have regular access to the internet. I’ll try to get a post up in the next day or so!




P.S. I also now have an email where you can contact me directly:


Please feel free to contact me for ways to get involved, booking information or further questions on getting involved in advocacy.


Polaris Project

Polaris Project

Sorry its been so long since my last post. I have been extremely busy and few moments where I have access to the internet. Anyways, my post today is about Polaris Project.

According to their website, Polaris Project is a leading organization in the United States combating all forms of human trafficking and serving both U.S. citizens and foreign national victims, including men, women, and children. Their mission is they are committed to combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery, and to strengthening the anti-trafficking movement through a comprehensive approach.

If you have time to explore their website, its AMAZING! They have several pages with statistics and information that will shock you!

Here is some information I found on their website:

  • Estimated number of men a woman or child must have sex with daily: 25 – 48 men daily
  • Average age of entry into prostitution in the U.S.: 12-14 years old
  • Standard price for 15 minutes of sex at a Residential Brothel: $30
  • The internet (such as Craigslist) has been identified as the number one platform that pimps, traffickers and johns currently use for buying and selling women and children for sex in the United States. 

Another form of sex trafficking I have never written about is trafficking at Truck Stops. This type of location is popular place to find prostitution.

An interesting quote I found on the Polaris Project website was;

” Sex trafficking at truck stops has its own slang and unique means of communication: pimps advertise their victims over CB radios using code, johns search online trucker boards for information about where to purchase prostitution, johns signal that they want commercial sex using their headlights or stickers on their windows, and victims knock on the cab doors of trucks in the parking lots.  Massage parlors at or near truck stops are commonly advertised on billboards or on signs at or near the truck stop”.

If you would like to learn more information on various topics, please see page on resources by topic.

  • According to one of those Latino Brothels, commercial sex acts within these networks are priced at $30 USD for 15 minutes of commercial sex.
If you would like to become more involved and informed about their efforts, sign up! They have multiple opportunities to get involved!
Also, check out their list of Polaris Project Human Trafficking Bloggers Map where my blog is listed! I was thrilled when I found out! Hopefully, someone will be saved byGod working through me!  He gets all the credit!