Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved in awareness or prevention, here are a few contacts:

US Department of Health and Human Services

Made By Survivors works in prevention and awareness in Southeast Asia.

World Relief works to help refugees internationally.

Kentucky Rescue and Restore an organization working in prevention in Kentucky.

Cincinnati Union Bethel a shelter that helps prostitutes and drug addicts reform their lives in Ohio.

Empower People work to protect human rights for women and children. They also work to rescue women who are victims of bride trafficking in India.

Hookers for Jesus if you are victim of prostitution, please fill out a form and they will help you. Their primary services and programs are designed to minister healing and restoration of individuals and families affected by sexual exploitation specifically in the Las Vegas area.


2 responses to “Get Involved

  • NC Stop Human Trafficking

    If you live in North Carolina, you can join NC Stop Human Trafficking, the statewide coalition of activists who want to work together to fight trafficking through Prevention, Advocacy, Victim Services and Education/Awareness. Sign up for the newsletter:

    Thanks for shedding a light on the issue!

  • seannefortier

    If you are a victim and in Calgary, Alberta, or Surrey, B.C., Canda, please call Servants Anonymous Society. In Vancouver call Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter or Covenant House or REED. To join a coalition in Alberta, Google ACT Alberta. If you want to learn more about human trafficking in Canada, please read Benjamin Perrin’s book, Invisible Chains.

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