The Dos and Don’ts

There are many ways to help prevent human trafficking and spread awareness.

The most important action to NOT take is:


You should NEVER get involved by yourself for several reasons.

1)Your safety, as well as those around you.

  • Traffickers beat and abuse their victims. They also threaten them by using their families as means for control. This is evidence they will stop at nothing to “protect their investments”. You’re involvement could cause violence against you, and possibly those innocent around you.

2)You are endangering the lives of the victims.

  • If a trafficker realizes you have caught them, they may re-locate. Traffickers are smart. They have the ability to move the victims overnight if possible, leaving few clues to their new location.

3)Law enforcement may be monitoring them, and you are unaware. If the victims are re-located unexpectantly, officials will have very little chance of finding their new location.

If you feel you have identified any criminal activity that could be related to human trafficking you SHOULD:

Contact someone who is trustworthy.

Examples are: Police, Church officials.

Examples NOT to contact: Your neighbors and friends.

If you think you know a victim of human trafficking, please call the toll-free Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-3737-888.

For more information on human trafficking, please visit The Campaign to Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking website

The U.S. Department of State publishes a Trafficking in Persons report yearly, which can be accessed at

Trafficking is a serious and violent business. Be cautious in any actions you take. The violence is real, and can happen to anyone.


One response to “The Dos and Don’ts

  • Robert Bristow

    I work alone to prevent abductions in mall parking lots. Usually just making my presence known can scare an abductor away. However, it does sometimes get a bit hairy.
    I also watch the streets at night to try locating the young children who have been forced into the sex trade. This is definitely where I provide info to police I know to be trustworthy and not try to be a hero

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