How to Identify Victims of Trafficking?

The most important way to stop trafficking is to understand how to identify it. Here are a few techniques you can use to help distinguish this crime. Its all around you, so no environment is disregarded.

1)Look for traveling groups that seems displaced or abnormal.

  • For example: If you see a man that has 7 girls traveling with him and he says they are his nieces. That is NOT normal

2)Is there evidence of control or abuse?

  • Does the victim have bruises?
  • Are they allowed to leave the house or their job?
  • Do they have control over their finances?

3)Are they foreign speaking?

  • This of course, is not inferring that the majority of people who are of foreign descent are victims of trafficking. Statistics show that a high population of traffickers bring victims from overseas.

4) Is there a lack in documentation for identification upon arrival to where they have been trafficked to?

5)Is the victim demonstrating signs of depression?

Things to remember when trying to identify:

  • Victims of trafficking are often being controlled by some measures of their trafficker. If you ask them questions, they often lie because their trafficker is accompanying them. This is why it is important to leave the interrogation to professionals.
  • Victims may have also adapted to their environment. SomeĀ  may seem happy or unwilling to leave since they have either accepted this way of life, or are under control of their trafficker. Traffickers often trick young girls into thinking they are in love with them. This technique of brainwashing, controls a girl so they won’t even entertain the idea to leave.

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